Ate Fixed Her Hair

I have no talent for fixing hairs although I have two girls, when Mj was just a toddler, I will only pony tail her hair. Mj just learned to fix her hair with styles from her cousin; she knows now different kinds of braiding. She even braids her sister’s hair, so even though Faith is antagonizing of her sister fixing her hair, she could not do anything but to be still and follow her sister otherwise her hair will get mess up. Yesterday, since Mj is here for she doesn’t have any school, the grade 9 will be having an achievement test so they are resting for one day. She was the one who fixed Faith hair, Faith disagree but she could not say no, she need to be neat and look clean, she complained a lot when Mj started to braid her hair but I agree with her eldest sister this time. She needs to fix her hair.

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