Hair Cut Satisfaction

Yesterday, my niece asks my permission to cut her hair, I agree with her since her hair is really getting long. But it was already too late when we went home yesterday from watching a movie. She wanted the cut to be at least levelled to the shoulder, which is just a good idea. When my daughter heard about it, she is also interested for cutting her hair and nope it’s not only them but me as well. Yes, I also want to have a short hair for once, I mean it has been a while that I haven’t cut my hair I guess this time would be the right time. I just have to ask permission for my husband if I could cut my hair.

I already have a style in mind; I wanted to have it short like one of the celebrities on TV. She just ended her soap opera and I got really envy with her new hair. I think I will be having the same style, how I wish that the saloon can copy the exact style because sometimes they can’t while they would say they will. I mean I’d been a victim on that since High School; sometimes they even made it shorter. And I can’t complain, I don’t like to complain because I don’t want to get stress, I mean I am there to unwind and have the best look ever and I will just make complain because of the mess up. Oh no, no but I am crossing my finger that the next time I will go to a saloon, I will not get disappointed when I go out.

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