Nail Art And Polish

Right after chasing the floater in downtown during the festival, my friend and I agreed to pamper our nails, so we went to the mall right after our lunch and started our session. It was a bit pricey than of the shop that I always went to but oh well, my nails need some cleaning so I don’t care at all. Besides I guess we deserve some treatment from sweating all over when we have to transfer places just to watch the parade, although it was sweaty and tiring, it was all worth, those floaters are unbelievably amazing.

 photo 1098465_10201416820398563_1744488091_n_zpsec25a7c7.jpg

Now this was the result of manicure and pedicure session. Yes I didn’t ask for a nail art, their nail art is way too pricey. I just have wait for the right time and right funds for me to be able to have that once again and definitely not on this shop. My friend got a nice nail art but it was sad to say that it was easily fade; it was damaged easily so she put another color on her nails when she arrived home.

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