Drum and Bugle From The Mall

Last Kadayawan festival, amidst of our shopping we heard some music came from a band. They are a drum and bugle member, they roamed around the mall with all those lovely sounds. When they passed us at the boutique, the trumpet and the drums were blend together and it created the most upbeat lovely sound that could make you rock n roll. I guess the one who handles the trumpet have the best mouthpiece, I wonder if he bought the bach trumpet mouthpiece at wwbw as I could hear they have the best accessories for any instrument. On the other hand, Faith could not help but danced with the music, they even glanced at Faith. Maybe they find her cute with her bunny headband. Aside from the drum and bugle that went around the mall, my kids and family went inside the shop for guitars and such Mj plans to buy a new guitar since the one that she have is now damaged and the guitar that she uses for now is from my brother in law.

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