Nails Service

After the sumptuous lunch at crabs buffet, we headed today at SM to supposedly look for pair of pants that are for sale. But our nails are begging us for cleaning and are impressive at once so we went to Nailaholics. The cashier accommodated us right away; they gave us a seat and even a nap place for my inaanak. We had so much fun, I really love the color of their boutique too because it made us relax. Some of us even took a nap while the staffs are busy cleaning and beautifying our nails, geez not our nails but their nails only because I noticed while I was talking to my friend that they did not do anything with my nails. I asked the lady who cleaned the nails of my friend, and we are all laugh because they thought I was not asking for their service. I also thought that they are all busy that I just have to wait for my turn but the customers next to me were already have their nails started. Anyway, good thing I did not ask for nail art but a simple nail polish and foot spa. Although they forgot attending me first, I still have a nice smile when I went out.

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