For Me To Stop Shopping

I am always going to the mall when Faith is at school, so for me to stop buying at all times when I am there. I have to stay in one place for me not to roam around and to avoid shopping as well. Ya know when you roam around the mall; it is too impossible or even hard to avoid the temptation to shop when you are already inside the mall how much more if you walk down to those boutiques right?

I learned the place when my husband and I went there to change money from dollar to peso. I inquire also about the place and they informed me that we can stay there for hours if we are a member. I just have to show an ID. I don’t have any photocopy ID at that time so I set the idea aside. But when I was the one who already send Faith to school, I submitted all the necessary requirements so I can stay there for a while until Faith’s schedule to go out from her classroom. The place helped me to save though because it helped me not to roam around and so I will not tempt to shop.

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