It Is Kadayawan And It Is Sale Day

Yes, we will be enjoying the sales day at the mall in the next few weeks and why is it? It is because Kadayawan is very much approaching so meaning there will be lots of sales in the mall. On August 15 NCCC mall will be having a midnight sale, oh well I hope all the items will have sales so we can all enjoy it especially those branded items. I wanted to buy a new bag, as I mentioned I want to preserve the guess bag that was given to me by my friend. So when there’s occasion I can wear it but first I need to buy a plastic storage, the one that has covers so the bag would still look new the next time I will use it. So I am hunting for bags and some other accessories, I hope there is no bomb threats in the mall especially when Kadayawan is approaching. I don’t want to ruin my shopping spree during the event.

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