Tutu Skirt Of My Youngest

I showed the attire of Faith last party in the picture but wahhh he doesn’t like the skirt of Faith. And mind you Mj doesn’t like it too that morning when I let Faith wear it. I thought it was only Mj who is going to dislike it but yeah that includes my husband, it would be now two of them. The skirt is the Tutu type, Faith wore that last Halloween party and one of her birthday’s friend, she wore that as a costume. But I thought it could also match with just normal occasion so I bought it. It has been a while that Faith did not wear it, so last Sunday is a good idea. I also bought a white shirt for the Tutu thinking it will match but that doesn’t approve either. Moreover one of the reason as well why I let Faith wear that last Sunday it was because, the Tutu skirt is beginning to get smaller to her. For me not to get it wasted because of just limited times that she wore it, I grabbed the chance last Sunday but I guess I need to give it away real soon.

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