Record Audio And Video

It has been a while that I was not able to do videoke; ya know we love to sing our heart out even though we don’t have the voice but who care anyway I am not alone at all. Just recently after my youngest daughter school, I immediately hooked my equipment for singing to our TV and so as the mic but to my disappointment the mic does not work well at all. The cord would loosen from time to time, after a while even though I still want to sing, I unplug all the wiring and I stop singing. The next day I went to appliance center to look for mic, there is one I like but it is expensive than I thought, he said it is durable and will not get easily damaged. I wanted to buy it but when I saw this rode videomic at musicians friend online, my gosh, I so want to grab one. Just imagine, you can record and record live videos with this shotgun microphone, isn’t it fantastic? It is good for your jams or just singing in your home sweet home. I gotta grab one; I will do it after I will buy some speaker at home. I know this is clear enough but I want to try it with speaker as well.

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