Acquaintance Party: Pajama Costume

It’s the last day of July now, yet I am not ready for August because I know I will be facing other extra expenses for my niece. She has been telling me about their Acquaintance Party, later I found that they have to wear Pajama attire. I mean it is not hard at all right? We can find pajama anywhere but geez they are particularly wearing a onesie kind of pajama and I am not sure if it is available in the mall here. The pajama is originally from Korea and it is called Kigurumi, when I am looking at her with her online geez I am not sure already if we can find it in the mall. Oh well let’s see though, next week I will be roaming around the mall with her. We will try to find this Kigurumi pajama in the mall but what if we could not find that kind, oh well for now I can’t answer that anymore but I am hoping we can afford to buy for it on Acquaintance Party.

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