So Happy With What She Bought

I should compliment myself for trying so hard to save for my eldest, I know without me, she could not save at all in the bank and I am sure if I  didn’t try saving for her, it would bounce my financing as well.

Yesterday, Mj mentioned that she needs to buy new Pedal jeans for their get up on their program this Monday. And since she will be using her own money from the bank, she included purchasing a pair of jeans. I just agreed with her to withdraw such amount since she is buying the necessary. I mean she only have like two pair of jeans at home, and to buy at this time does not make a burden in my side since she is using her own money, in fact she let me borrowed P1,000.00 so I can buy a gift for the celebrant today.

She was so happy with what she bought yesterday; she likes her pair of jeans a lot that she wore immediately in the event today. She said it looks like the jean of her cousin Mariel. Geez, my daughter is really a teenager now; she is already choosing her own stuffs. What I don’t like being a teenager is of her always talking on the phone, I mean grrr can her classmate wait until tomorrow to talk about stuffs and the like.

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