Buy The Necessary Things And Not The So Not Important

I hate it when you buy something than buying what is necessary. I know that you want to look good but for god’s sake you could have been more so careful with your expenses. I mean it is hard to look for money right now and yet here you are trying to buy things that are not important at all.

I was so surprised that my niece bought a new pair of shoes; I like the shoes though as it said so trending. I thought she didn’t have any books to buy anymore, the other night she was so persistent to collect the money that my sister owned her. But my sister does not have money and said she even borrowed me some money and that how can she pay her. My niece started to bang the dishes and I was there observing, later she is hitting beyond the belt at all so I have to interfere and said enough!

The next day when she asks an allowance from me, she asks me to give her extra since she would buy a book. I was like she was able to buy a new pair of shoes but a book. And so I reprimanded her that she should buy first what is necessary and buy those fashionable things only if she has extra. How I wish it would put it on her mind because she is getting really far already and I am getting tired of understanding.

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One Response to “Buy The Necessary Things And Not The So Not Important”

  1. Tx Sweetie says:

    yayayayayyyyy…. basin na ibog sa mga ka berks lage kay uso ang shoes. usahay man jud ning taw ba naa jud kaibog nya mas unahon pa noon tong di importante. okay ra kau na basta naay kaugalingon trabaho pero ug estudyante pa, agooy masuko jud si auntie or si mama ana hehe.