Her Savings Helped Both Of Us

My eldest daughter is asking me if she could withdraw some money from her savings so she can buy props for their program next week. I said yes, besides it is her money that she will be using to buy some props. I wanted to just buy those things by myself but my budget is so tight nowadays. You see, this is the advantage when you are saving for your daughter, whenever there’s an emergency that she needs to purchase right away. I am also glad that we have come up for this idea, now I don’t  have to problem anymore when there are things that she needs to purchase immediately and I don’t  have an extra to buy it for her. She really helped me with my finances with her savings. We started her savings when she received money from her Palaro competition, it was like P3, 000.00 and I gave her the idea of savings, she agreed with me so even though she is not competing anymore we still continued it. It really helped both of us especially during rainy season and we don’t have anything to get.

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