My Inspiration

I saw my friend today; she has something to give me. It is a flier for the house that she is selling. Yes she is a student and if she is given a chance, she could also accommodate you if you are looking for a house to buy. Anyway we met today, it has been a while too that we haven’t seen each other, the last time was when my husband is here and Joyce toured us in Amiya, one more time. I could not believe my eyes that she is really getting so slimmer, she was a little chubby before and because of a Choco drink, she is really losing weight. Now I am in task again to lose weight, I would drink my tea again at night. So far green tea is effective to me. She is also my inspiration to put white bleaching in my skin at night, when I saw her gets white already, I am inspired again to do it also for myself. I hope I can really do it. On the other hand I need to park now so I can start my mixing, how I wish this is effective for me.

 photo cats_zps2d38932a.jpg

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