Looking Puffy

I just got this idea in Yahoo.

And it said if you look puffy it may have to do with your fluid intake, many of us are working in an air conditioned environment so we don’t feel thirsty at all. When I was still working in a call center last summer, even I am talking always on the phone I don’t get thirsty, you know why? It is because my surrounding is so cold. So even though I feel slim at that time, my face gets puffy when I woke up in the evening. I was sleeping in day time because of my night shift schedule.

When your urine is deep yellow, you should need to increase your fluid intake, coconut water or green tea can help you and 10 glasses of water a day can make you hydrate. You can also apply moisturizers that are rich of Vitamin E and C. Some other said that Vitamin E and C should go together as one cannot work without the other.

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