White Shorts and Sando Bra

At Mj’s previous school, they don’t require colors of short and a sando bra to wear underneath but now since Mj transferred school, in a catholic school this time even though the fabric of their uniform is thick, white shorts and sando bra are required. I went to the mall today to look for those undergarments but unfortunately the staff said the sando bra is out of stock, we have to wait yet for their order to arrive, I wanted to buy the sando but I doubted as I said earlier the fabric of their uniform is thick so if she still have to wear sando and bra, she will be sweating. The white short is also not available, geez I may have to bring her so she will be the one to pick what she wants, maybe on Saturday after her Kumon.

My youngest daughter also needs pair of socks, her socks were so small already for her and I need to get rid of those, my sister distributed it to some of her friends. So instead of my eldest daughter’s demand, I purchased what my youngest daughter’s may need when she goes to school. Tomorrow is another day, how I wish my sister will be here and so she could wash our laundry she only went here once last week, while our agreement is twice a week. Anyway if she will not be here tomorrow, sigh I will have to laundry our piled up dirty clothes, anyone help?

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