Saving Money For Jewelry

I don’t wear jewelry; I only wore my engagement ring and wedding ring and the necklace that my sister gave me last year. My husband surprised me with a set of jewelry when he came home last month, I was so happy and I wore it right away at work. My husband said the jewelry is perfect for me and I should wear varieties of jewelry because I look good on it. But if I would buy jewelry on retail, it might be too costly; I am thinking to save so I could purchase wholesale costume jewelry. I might get a discount or might be cheaper if it is not on retail. Actually I still have to save some money to come up with the right amount and so I could purchase any kind of jewelry. Or maybe I can ask my husband to buy one for me when he comes back later this year. I want to try that eternity necklace myself and see if I look good on it, what do you think?

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