Precious Moments Of Us

My husband already planned to come here on June, and he was saving the time to cut his hair because he wanted it to be here. So when he arrived here, he did not let the chance slipped away to have his hair cut, we went to the mall to look for a nice barber shop. While they were doing his hair, I went to the appliance center where I have my Mega Pro bought to pay partial. I went back to the saloon right after and yet they were not done because aside from cutting his hair they also done the ear cleaning. It took them a while to finish it and I could not wait there doing nothing so I grabbed the chance and have my nails art, and did I mention before that I am addicted to nail art? I have the nail art both of my toe nails and finger nails. I so love it! It was my first time to have my nail art there and I love the result. And while she was doing the nail art, I felt asleep, I was working yet at that time and so if I would get a chance to sleep, I will. The only thing of having a nail art there is the price, yes it is very expensive but it’s all worth it. I might go back there for sure if my budget will let me.

Anyway, if you only want to have a clean nails or just painted it with color, if you will get lucky to have a manicurist who really know what she is doing like no cuts at all while they are doing the nipper for instance, home service would be okay. Just like yesterday, there is a newly put up saloon nearby and I asked my daughter to go there to inquire and ask if they are doing home service. When my eldest daughter went back, she said that the manicurist will be here soon. I didn’t expect for good results, I just want my nails to have paints and that’s it. Oh well, to my surprise, she did a good job cleaning my nails and shaping it. I am too darn lucky! So I would suggest if you have some nail expert around the neighborhood, you don’t have to go to the saloon and get it done, you can look around and try them, who knows right?

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