Organizer And Closet

Yesterday while browsing for an article to post, I bumped into this underwear organizer. The picture below:

 photo KGrHqJrgFGC9oO4BR-HZsOg60_12_zps7fef0afc.jpg

Picture was snagged in EBay

This organizer costs only almost $7.00 and right at this moment I am confused and tempted whether to withdraw some money from my paypal since they have a paypal option for payment. But I need to save some more to buy a toy organizer for my youngest, her toys were just stored in a box and it is already tearing apart now.

It is hard when you just put all your under clothes in a drawer that has no organizer at all, I mean you can fold it properly but the closet organizer is an advantage. I tempted to buy the organizer online last night when I have to sort all things out here including my under garments, I was wishing to have this organizer one of these days.

Yeah I clean up the room almost the whole house when my youngest closet was delivered. I segregated all her old baby clothes, I put it in a plastic bag I thought to give it to the garbage collector but my sister took it, she said she will sell those clothes. I re-folded all the clothes of my youngest and put it in her new closet. She was so excited but I have to really mindful because she tends to bang the door and ya know this kind of closet would easily get damaged when you always banged it or you are not careful with it, just like what happen to  my other closet.


 photo HPIM0847_zpsfe8e35f6.jpg

It was already 1:00 in the morning that I finish all the stuff and yet I was still ecstatic. I even called my husband who was in Ollies that time to wait for his eye drops, of course he did not approve of me sleeping so late but ya know sometimes I get stubborn like both of him and Faith. After I shut my computer off, I took my camera in my closet and snag a picture of myself getting ready to bed.

 photo cats_zpsade31a8f.jpg

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