Underwear Drawer And K.S. Flashes Her Underwear

Okay I wanted to write about that drawer for under clothes but I can’t find it. It was there I know, last night and I am too sleepy and now I could not find it. I browsed it in yahoo over and over and again and again but it is already nowhere to be found, until I was directed to EBay and found those nice drawers and closet organizer for under clothes. I will post the picture tomorrow. This drawer could help me and my under clothes to be organized, it could prevent the underwears from damaging right away and your underwear could easily be found because it is not scattered at all. You have to picture out mine, grrr I hate it and I need that drawer organizer. And so I still tried to look for that article and still it leads me to other thing, oh no not a thing but a celebrity, Kristen Stewart, since the tag says flashes her underwear in the airport. I thought she wore some transparent dresses but nope it is not, she wore denim jeans that showed off her underwear, just a bit of flash and there’s nothing to it. LOL I even see some butts wearing a lowered hips type of jeans, yeah I did and it was to EEEWW!!! Anyway, Kristen Steward was just showing off her fashion side, she looked good even though there were hearsay that she and Edward Pattinson are already broke up. Oh well, Edward must miss this flashy thing LOL!

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