Wearing The Food

I was too busy at that day that Daddy and Faith went somewhere in the mall so I can do all the things I needed to do. Daddy texted me that they went to some rides so Faith was able to ride the merry go round, there were two actually and my youngest was so happy because she was able to ride them all while Daddy is watching over her. Later they went to Jollibee, Faith’s favorite; they spent the rest of the time there until I am done with my appointment.

When we saw each other, Faith wore her food in her mouth and her blouse was full of spaghetti. Faith grabbed my hand right away and said we will buy clothes Mama. I and her Dad just followed her and choose a blouse for her. Daddy was the one who pick the blouse and it was just right for her, Faith love’s it. Did I mention that Daddy really chooses nice styles for us? And yes he did it again this time.

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