Halloween Is A Fun Time For Us

Both of my daughters love to play dress up games and they both really love Halloween.  Since my youngest was just a baby she has always liked wearing costumes, especially anything pink.  She would have loved the Precious Pink Poodle Baby Costume.  Our eldest daughter just likes to role play and wears different costumes, so when Halloween comes around, they are excited to plan or choose what costumes they will wear.  My youngest daughter would have loved a Lil Monster Baby Costume.

My husband wanted to choose some baby costume in http://www.spirithalloween.com/ but since our village does not have this kind of fun before, we just decided  not to buy any costume. It was only last year that they provided this program and so my kids were able to enjoy it.

Now that they are a bit older, one daughter 5 the other 11, they have more options in their Halloween costumes.  They can be scary, cute or ordinary.  Whatever they choose to be on Halloween, I am sure they will enjoy the experience of choosing a costume than wearing it, unlike my husband, who will almost always choose to be a zombie or werewolf, but our kids are much more imaginative and with so many costumes to choose from will come up with something they will enjoy.

Halloween is such a fun time for us.  I can take lots of pictures and the kid can enjoy trick or treating, especially the treats.  But most of all, they will enjoy dressing up in their new costumes.

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