Resisting To Let Go Of His Collections

My husband got many books; sometime he would trade it to some book shops in Maryland in that way he could save some dime. There are times he would go to a bookshop, which books are on sale and purchase some. But the thing is he already got many books in his mini library and it is adding up the pile every month sometimes he doesn’t know where to put the new ones since his book case were all full. I was thinking to sell his books now he is resisting since he loves to see his collections but with our financial status now we have to make this thing right. I have the best idea to sell books online now but as I said he doesn’t like what I suggested but what can he do? He already moved to his friend because he already sells his house and all his favourite books are on storage room that he is renting every month. I know there will come a time he would realize to let go of some other things and I am sure he will be glad that he was able to let go of it someday and besides he will earn out of those books after all.

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