New Belt Busted

I was so happy when I bought a new belt recently, it was so decent and a very good match with my slacks when I go to work, only then to find out it didn’t last long. The screw loosened, it could be repair but what I have here was the tall one and the top is not that flat to hold the edges. Temporarily I used that one though, I have to find any other screw in the next few days, and I just don’t have the time now. How I wish I always have the time for everything sometimes I would ask myself how to divide the time for everything. How I wish I know the answer and how I wish I know the answer why was the belt got busted right away even it was a bit expensive than of what I bought before. This time I would rather picked nothing fancy at all, I am learning my lesson but I still love the style of my belt I just have to have it repair?

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