Thick Clothes For Rainy Season

It is June already and expects that this month would be rainy. It is time to get some sweater, jacket or thick clothes to be wear during rainy season. However, in my case since I am working, jacket would be the most preference to wear. Yeah because I am working at night, how I wish there would not come a time that I have to drop by at the mall just to buy me extra clothes because I am soaking wet otherwise I will be out of budget again. Some are bringing already extra clothes so when the strong rain strikes they are ready to get into the flood and will just change for corporate attire at work. I know I still have to buy more clothes for me to work but since the school will start in no time, I have to tight my budget for us to survive especially my husband is not working anymore. It is June and that means I need to buy the kids school supplies as the school would also start in the next few weeks.

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