From A Vendor

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It has been a while since I don’t wear a wrist watch. When I started working, it was so hard for me to notice the time and I always get almost late so I went to the mall one day to just buy myself a very cheap wrist watch. I like it though, it looks like a teeny watch, and besides I am just wearing it because I need it. But it only took a month and it was broke, I guess I dropped it on the floor that it broke the whole part. It was like a week that I didn’t wear a watch and I feel like restless and uncomfortable.

So when we went to a mall with my daughter one day, there was one vendor who offered me a nice watch, it was only P150.00, actually it was P180.00 but I asked for a discount and she gave me the last deal. I took the deal right away and until now I am still wearing it, it is the watch in the picture above. I am crossing my fingers that it will last at least until a year.

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