For Our Picnic

Since I am working already I don’t have time to arrange for our summer getaway and Mariel keeps on asking us when we would spend our time in the beach. So when the company arranged a picnic for all of us agents, I did not slip the moment away.  I together with my batch mates we signed up for the big picnic that will be held in D Leonor wave pool. I haven’t gone there so I grabbed the opportunity for me to be there for free. We can bring one person for us and I will bring Faith. Actually I would bring my niece and Mj as well but I will have to pay for them.

And since my swim wears are kind an old already, I plan to buy a new one on my night off that’s on Saturday. How I wish I can get good finds but with good quality and has a nice style. Oh well, I really don’t like too bare kind of swim suits I always go for like covered swim wears, like short’s like for the bottom and covered up to my tummy for the top. Mariel said she would get a swim suit online, and she said it’s only P400.00 so let’s see.

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