Mother’s Day Special

Yehey! Today is Mother’s Day! Last night my husband called me and said I have to give Mj some money because she would buy something. I really didn’t expect that I could receive something for today since from previous Mother’s Day, I receive nothing but I always celebrate it with my kids, I would drag them to a fancy restaurant to dine. But this time, when we already arrived at the restaurant, Mj asked to go out with Mariel because she would buy something for her. I already have some thoughts that the money that her Dad gave her would be something for me, I thought it was a bag she would buy for me but when they went back to the restaurant, I was surprised that they gave me a bunch of flowers and a blueberry cheesecake from Breadworks. I was so touched; I mean the happiness I felt was more than of receiving a new bag. This day is indeed special for a MOM like me.

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