Saved By The Bell

Yesterday when we went out to meet some friends, we passed by at this store in the mall and Mj was so amazed when she saw her one of her favorite style of sandals, it was on SALE! It was only P199.00, she begged me to buy it for her, the sandal is nice so I said okay besides my friend and her kids would also buy the same color and the same style. I don’t have my size for that kind of sandal at the time, so I make it passed and oh well at least I was saved by the bell not to buy. I mean I am on a tight budget and I don’t suppose to buy anything at that time but I cannot pass the sandal as well since it was on sale.

Today I realized Faith sandal is already looked so old and is already torn. After church, we went to the mall and purchased a pair of sandal for her. It was difficult to look for her size because we can only find it is either too big or too small for her. My little teapot’s foot is thin and on the display we can only find fat kind. Mariel was the one who really roamed around the place and she found this little cute sandal fits exactly for her. It was a good thing though because it is also cheap. I am saved by the bell again.

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