New Brown Pair Of Slacks And Pair Of Jeans For My Niece

I have mentioned here before that I have bought a new pair of slacks for me to wear on my current work. As I mentioned also I only had few and I need to buy another one, good thing I have some extra cash so even though I was not able to find a cheap one, I was still able to purchase a pair of slacks. And it is in the picture below.

 photo HPIM0342_zps6bd14294.jpg

Mariel also had to start her summer class on April 15 and since she only had few pair of jeans and since they are not wearing a uniform on summer, she have to wear jeans. When her mother sent some money for the house, we set aside some extra so we can buy 2 pairs of jeans. We planned to only have 1 pair but since some selected items of jeans in the mall have some discounts, we were able to avail it and we bought 2 pairs to wear for this summer. P600.00 plus for these two jeans.

 photo HPIM0284_zpsc918ea3b.jpg

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