Returning To University For My Masters

If you have ever tried to look for a job, you know that the better prepared you are the better chance you have of getting hired.  Today, the best paying jobs require a good education or the proper training.    My husband was telling me that for his graduate school he had to take the GRE (Graduate Records Exam).  He did all preparation himself and said it was the toughest test he had to ever take.

He thought he might have been better off with the GMAT (Graduate Admission Test) because there are sources he could have went to for help.  Well he passed but he was not pleased with his score, his choices for graduate school were limited.  At least he got in and was able to get his Master’s degree, but he said it would have been much better if he would have been able to have a tutor.

We have learned of a place where you can get coaching and have a gmat review.  He said this would have been a great help for him.  Now I am thinking of returning to university for my Masters.  I will have his help to study and prepare, but he said it would be better for me to have professional tutors and guidance to help me prepare for my GMAT.

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