My Cheap Watch

My other watch was busted and it has been a while since I didn’t wear any wrist watch and mind you I don’t like the feeling that when you look at your wrist you can’t find any watch there and you would end up asking the person beside you the time. So I guess it’s about time to buy a new wristwatch for myself. My husband bought a very nice wristwatch for me but it is still not on my hand for now, as he said he would bring that when he gets here and until now he is still not here, lol duh sigh, whatever!

Moreover I found this wristwatch for only P99.00, I bought it right away. It is absolutely so cheap, I hope it would last but if it won’t, oh well it is still okay for me, it is only P99.00 anyway. So it doesn’t matter at all, I will not cry a river, that’s for sure.

 photo HPIM0274_zpsc8c5effc.jpg

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