Do Not Wear A T-Shirt, Jeans, Slipper When You Apply For Work

It is my first time that when I applied for work I just wore a T-shirt, a khaki jeans and slipper. You may ask what the proper attire is when you apply for work. Oh well based on my experience, never wear a too sexy spaghetti tops. I went to the DOLE one time to look for any vacant positions for certain company and I was reprimanded not to wear too sexy tops when applying from then on I learned, if I wear spaghetti straps I always have a blazer on it.

Don’t be also over dress like you would look like you are a boss, or you are already one of the employees because the skirt and the blouse that you are wearing looks like an office uniform. Wear skirts and blouse enough for them to realize that you are an applicant. Rubber shoes is a no no, sandals would do. The slacks are appropriate and wear polo as well, not a shirt.

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