Jeans For My Niece And The Lost Shirt Of My Daughter

I guess I mentioned this before that my niece is asking for a new pair of jeans that she will be wearing on summer since she enrolled for summer class. She only has numbers of jeans and since they will not be wearing a school uniform, it would be too hard for her. Her classmates already noticed it that she is wearing the same jeans every Wednesday, their wash off day during regular class. And she is shy to wear the same jeans at all. Her mother asked me if the money that she will wire would be enough; I just told her then that I will give her daughter P1, 000.00 so she can buy a pair of jeans by tomorrow. And the rest will be for the house.

Meanwhile, my daughter’s new shirt that she bought last Christmas is lost. We looked for it every corner of our closet but we could not find it. Only to find out that she left it at my friend’s house when we went there last month for swimming. I messaged my friend if she saw Mj’s new shirt, good thing they kept it. I told my daughter right away and she was relieved, she would have it back very soon.

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