Corporate Attire

When I resigned from work last 4 years ago, some of my office attire has been so small for me already that I gave it to my nieces. Some were stored in a box, untouched. The other day, when I was hired as a call center agent again, I remember my corporate attires from way back then, geez I can’t fit at all. I only have 3 slacks and numbers of corporate blouses. Now I need to buy those stuffs again and uh a sweat shirt, or jackets or maybe some winter clothes because mind you, with all the air conditioning that sets to higher volume, you would feel like it is winter because it is so darn cold. Oh well I am not sure with this call center but of what I experience before from CCT, I needed to double my not so thick sweater just to feel comfortable and that my lips will not shaking when I talked. But I tell you I missed those attire, so corporate attire here I come!

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