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Sparkly Pink Bag

I noticed lately that sister Merlyn is using an old bag for Faith when they go to school. I guess the bag has been already with Mj before so you can imagine how many long years already that it has been used from my eldest daughter to my youngest daughter, I guess we need to get rid that out. And so when we went to the mall this afternoon after church, after we ate our sumptuous lunch at the Sumu Sam, we went immediately to the kid’s bag section and ask Faith what she wants. I expected her to choose the sling bag, which she could use on Sundays but I just informed her that she could not use it at school and we need a bag for school, so she roamed around again and have a hard time decided which one to choose, she really like the small bags, and I always told her again and again that she could not buy that good thing she asked the lady in-charge if they have the sparkly pink pack bag. The sales girl took a pink bag from the display rack and showed it to her. It was a Roby Rabbit so I know for sure that it has the quality, Faith immediately grabbed it while telling me she likes it. She didn’t let the bag go until I paid it in the counter. Now Faith has a new bag she is bringing every day when they go to school.

I’ll be taking a picture the Roby pink bag next time.

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One Last Display

This is the pair of sandal that I purchased for Faith last Sunday; this is the last pair so we don’t have any choice but to pick it. As I said we took us a while to find a sandal that fits to her tiny feet. So even though it has shade of dirt, we choose it because she really needs it for her summer class. Her sandal that she used to wear is already busted, it is also like 4 days that she has been wearing it and since she keeps on running at school, it gets more dirt.

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Resting My Feet

Since the sandals that my daughter and my friend and her kids purchased is not available for me, when my friend and I roamed around the mall and I saw this slippers slash sandal for P120.00 I bought it right away. I am tired of wearing wedges or high heels I mean I’d been wearing it from Monday to Friday at work now it’s time to let my fee rest and that is to wear just a flat sandals or flat slippers. I mean I am aiming a slightly elevated sandals but I can’t find them so I thought flat sandals is not a bad idea as I said I want to have my feet rest for a while. That day Mj could not contain her happiness when I finally said yes for the sandal, I got guilty when I have nothing for Faith so I bought her a pair of cute bows for her hair.

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Saved By The Bell

Yesterday when we went out to meet some friends, we passed by at this store in the mall and Mj was so amazed when she saw her one of her favorite style of sandals, it was on SALE! It was only P199.00, she begged me to buy it for her, the sandal is nice so I said okay besides my friend and her kids would also buy the same color and the same style. I don’t have my size for that kind of sandal at the time, so I make it passed and oh well at least I was saved by the bell not to buy. I mean I am on a tight budget and I don’t suppose to buy anything at that time but I cannot pass the sandal as well since it was on sale.

Today I realized Faith sandal is already looked so old and is already torn. After church, we went to the mall and purchased a pair of sandal for her. It was difficult to look for her size because we can only find it is either too big or too small for her. My little teapot’s foot is thin and on the display we can only find fat kind. Mariel was the one who really roamed around the place and she found this little cute sandal fits exactly for her. It was a good thing though because it is also cheap. I am saved by the bell again.

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