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Being A Model For Their Products?

We were roaming around the mall yesterday to kill the time because the wired money that my husband sent is still on process, we were looking for shoes, my shoes to be exact because I don’t feel comfortable of my shoes anymore. They are flunky and don’t match with what I usually wear. When we were looking for some shoes, Mariel suddenly told me about a blogger who would model for her sponsors. She said that they would give them for example clothes for free, in exchange of showing her wearing the clothes over the Internet. I immediately told her that it is only available in the States as I’ve seen many bloggers doing the same thing but they lived abroad. My niece then insisted that this blogger is not from the US but from here, and she got lots of sponsors already. I was stunned, how I wish some sponsors could get to pull up this blog and would give me some things in exchange of modeling their products. But geez, I guess it is only in my dreams, as I am not an expert to pose in front a camera besides I am not photogenic at all and I am short. I am sure those sponsors are looking for slim, tall and have the beauty to pose for their products.

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