What Style Of Shoes Should I Wear?

I sometimes got bored wearing shoes with the same kind or style. They said when you are petite, you should wear high heels but duh it is too tiring sometimes and how can you wear high heeled sandals when you are in the beach right? That is why I am looking for shoes that are not high heeled but I still looked tall, shoes that can make me look like 5 feet high.

I have read tons of suggestions and all suggestions are like I should wear high heels. Yet I should avoid the straps around my ankle, I have one of those but good thing the heels did not last long. So I should avoid buying that kind, I mean I am attracted to it especially when lean people are wearing it geez it made me drool but I guess not for petite women like me.

Oh well the V shape pumps, slink back type and for flats it should be pointed. But you have to match it with skirt above the knee and if you wear jeans, it should be skinny and it should be dark not the white one because the flats could be too obvious. Bulky or big shoes or rubber shoes should be avoided but I am sure there are rubber shoes that are small looking. I can see some in the malls; you just have to be very meticulous on that, there is rubber shoes also that are bit pointed so you will not look shorter.

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