Red Stripe Jumpsuit For Me

 photo HPIM0182_zps2c28cdb5.jpg

This is the jumpsuit that I just bought recently, I wanted to buy 3 jumpsuits, for me, for my daughter and my niece but I thought they don’t like jumpsuit so I just bought one for me. The first choice I had was the black stripes but I returned it because of the thread at the back, it was showing. I asked them if they had another color aside from light blue and black stripe in the display. The guy handed me this red stripe, it looks like bright and bubbly so I choose it. The jumpsuit costs only P130.00 I am not sure though if I asked for discount they would give it to me, geez I should have asked who knows I will get it for P100.00 and not P130.00. I will ask the next time I will buy jumpsuit for my niece and daughter as they said they love to have the same kind.

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