I Bought A Jumpsuit

I went out on Tuesday to go to Barangay Hall since me and the new owner of my car has an agreement. He made a down payment yet and he will pay the rest within two months. After the signing, I went out and saw a stall selling some goods, I spotted this jumpsuit hanging in the display, I thought it is good for summer since it is off shoulder and it’s the short type. But the thing is the thread is showing and I guess it will be loose sooner or later yet with P130.00 I guess it is a good deal already besides I’d been looking for this kind of jumpsuit for a long time now and I just saw it in the nearby store. So I must take it whether the materials are not durable or had the quality enough, I would only wear it inside the house anyway and if we go to the beach this summer. I will show you the picture of my jumpsuit tomorrow.

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