The Slack That I Want Is Available In NCCC Mall

Yesterday, after we watched the parade in downtown, we went to the mall to roam around, I also went to look for a slack I could wear at my eldest daughter’s graduation day this month. Thank GOD that I found one, yes it is true indeed that they have 50% off because the slack that I wanted to have is only P400.00 plus from P800.00 plus, I didn’t bought it yesterday because my money is not enough but not now because my husband has wired me some money for grocery shopping, eating out and shopping for me. I will be tagging my kids along with me because it is Sunday and it means family day. Of course we will be hearing mass, then go eat out and then hopefully I can buy the slack today. I hope my mind will not change for today’s activity because usually the kids wanted to go to SM and not NCCC Mall and my slack is available on the said mall. Oh well, let’s see, I wish I can convince the kids to go to NCCC mall and not the SM mall. And if I can’t convinced them I hope the slack, which I like the style and fit is also available in SM, I am crossing my fingers on it.

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