Great Finds When You Are Taking Your Time

Faith’s farewell set last Thursday, I didn’t have money but I was able to buy a-not so expensive clothes for her.

I decided not to buy a new pair of jeans and a polo shirt for her already but after I sent Mj to Kumon, I roamed around the Department Store to just look for some stuffs, I was also just hoping if ever I will get a chance to find some sales and buy a not very expensive clothes. This is what I learned when I strolled around the mall, you should not be in a hurry when you buy some clothes because if you are, you will never find matches because you are making it fast to pick clothes for your kids. I know how costly it is to buy dresses for kids nowadays, but if you match the for an instance, tee shirt and jeans, you can make it cheaper than what you expect the price is to be because for a pink Polo-shirt of Faith and a white slacks, it costs me only P420.00 pesos while before her dress or shirts or jeans costs me a thousand already because I was in a hurry. Take your time when you are at the mall so you can get great finds.

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