She Went To The Mall Ahead Of Us To Pick Her Dress Up

Came Thursday, my niece is really already bugging me to buy her a new dress for her P.E. night and so I have set aside some money from Monday to buy her that dress. Their P.E. night is on Friday and so we really need to purchase a dress on Thursday. My sister did not arrive yet and so I was the one who sent Faith to her school and fetch her as well, good thing my niece went to the mall ahead already so she was able to fit the dress that she likes, so when I arrived at the mall, she just met at the ground floor and showed me the dress that she wants. We immediately paid the dress and went to McDonalds to take our snacks. It is a good thing that she was able to pick the dress that she likes because we don’t have to stay in the Department Store for a longer time, it was such a hassle to choose a dress when Faith is around because she can bother much and we can’t concentrate with the dress at all.  The color of the dress is black, and it has shearing in the top of the skirt. I will just post the dress here next time. Right now, I will have to sleep because I am so tired of driving the kids around.

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