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My Fashion Consultant Left Me

My friend was the one whom I always with whenever I bought some shirts or jeans or dress for me or even shoes. And now that she’s not here anymore I don’t have anyone I could ask for what’s trend today or what’s best for me. She is already left for another country, now I guess I will take some time to buy some new stuff for me. I don’t like to be at the mall this time as I will just miss her, we are always together whenever we need to have our nails done or buy bags and all that. My fashion consultant is now gone but I am happy she is with the man of her dreams. And I am counting the days of her wedding day. I wish her all the best as always!

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Not Impossible At All

We don’t have man in the house so when the house needs repair, I always be the one to take care of it. Just like the faucet last month, I need to replace it so I can put a hose and the Teflon I put there could not hold it properly; I have to put another one again so it will not leak at all. My neighbour suggested it would be better if I have used the rubber edge seals as they are the best from preventing any liquids to come out or leaks. These seals could also use for windows especially during winter time, we always hate the freezing cold from outside right? Even though we have a nice heater at home when the window leaks, the heater will not work. This seal could help you to be comfortable during snow, believe me it is not impossible at all.

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