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This Guitar Would Bring Any Performer To Stardom

I was so amazed when I see this very nice design fender jazzmaster at GC as it so cool! I am already a mother of two but I still find these guitars so awesome how much more when my daughter sees this classic fender. I am sure whoever could own this kind of guitar would be receiving lots of applause from the audience if he or she ever plays in the stage. He or she will be looked cool after him or her performance, as you can see sometimes classic fender could bring you to the stardom in the music world. How I wish to save more money so I could buy this kind of guitar to my daughter who would be enrolling in a musical studio this coming summer.

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Will Be Buying A Dress For P.E. Night

My niece will be having P.E. night on March 08; she has been asking me if I could buy her a dress. And since she asked me that already last month, I am saving some money for it. It will be like a party so she has to look good on that night. I hope she would choose an affordable one since I am really on a tight budget, not to mention that my eldest will also be graduating this month. I wonder what style she would pick up in the mall. She asked me to help her to choose though; I just wish that malls would be having 50% discounts so I still have some money left in my savings. Do malls have sales this week? If so please notify me and so I know which mall would we go to.

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That Dream Remains A Dream

When I was still in High School, I dreamed to become a DJ as I also love to sing, or compose a song and mix some songs although it was not perfect and it was not professionally made or wrote, I have done it fair that my classmates were suggesting why not follow my dreams. One day my friends and I went to a music station and I was amazed with the equipment that they are using. And so it motivates me to pursue my dream and get digitech jamman so I can practice composing and performing but as much as I love to sing yet the song does not like my voice at all because I don’t have the talent. Yes I can compose but of course it is more advantage if you are studying it and so you can make the best composition and so my dream remains a dream, I will just have to pursue that dream through my daughters since they also love to perform on stage also.

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The Bag Made Out Of Beads

My friend would be leaving for good to get married and I did not mind any gift for her until later when I saw the bag that my sister made of especially for me. So I ask her to make another one for me to give it to my friend who will leave tomorrow to Texas, she tried to finish it one week but she was not able to do it. So instead of waiting for her bag to finish, I just give mine. Good thing, my friend still likes it; she even told me that her fiancée likes it and said that it looks so classy. The bag that my sister made was out of beads and surely it is really very attractive I am glad that my friend likes my little gift.

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