Etude Cream And Love, Love, Love

 photo HPIM0004_zpsd2c2fd0c.jpg

This is the Baby Cream I’d been telling a while ago, I would used this once again today. We are going out to buy something for Valentines Day! Again for one pack, it costs only P75.00 and you could consume one sachet for a week or two, is it so affordable, isn’t it?

 photo love_zps714ee23a.jpg

A while ago, Mj was in a hurry to prepare their activity at school, and this the T-shirt she asked me to pay, as you can see obviously. it is printed with Love, Love, Love and at the back is All you Need Is Love. It is somehow right, if we can just rule Love in this world and nothing else, maybe we are always at peace, what do you think?

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