She Needs Pajamas And Not Jeans

When we were at the Apo View Hotel, I planned to buy new clothes for Faith; it was either a top or a pair of jeans. But since Mariel still has class to attend, we waited for her at the hotel and I promise the kids we will go to SM Lanang to shop new stuffs for Faith. But when Mariel arrived, the sky gets dark and later, heavy rain poured. I thought it would stop right away but the rain continues until night time and there was no way we can go to SM Lanang because I was sure, the streets would flood again.

When I checked Faith’s old clothes last Sunday, I found out she doesn’t need jeans or tops for going out but she needs some clothes to use at home. Her Pajamas are loosened, her sleeveless shirts are already ruined, and some were small to her already. So next week, if I have extra, I would buy her some pajamas, sleeveless or short sleeve and some shirts for daytime at home. I know I could find some pajamas in a pack and so as sleeveless just like sometime before.

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