Bought Them A Bike As A Birthday Gift

Mj’s wish for her birthday is a new bike that she could ride around the village. I already planned to buy the bike on the day of her birthday. Good thing my husband sends us the money on that day as well. So after we dined at the Bigbys, I drag the kids to another mall. We hailed a taxi cab and headed to another mall where we saw the bike that she likes. When I already paid for her bike, Faith was whining because she also wanted one, and since her birthday is also a week away, and since I still have some left in my wallet. I just went and bought her also a bike. I just told my husband that it would be her advance birthday gift. My husband agreed and Faith is so happy when she receives her bike. The problem now is the front wheel, it is flat and I need to send it to a shop so it will fix.

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