The Teenage Mutant

I guess I must have been about six years hold when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first came around.  Who would have thought that turtles led by an old rat would become popular? Who would have thought that they would still be around after almost 30 years?  I liked them when I was young, now my daughters love watching them.

I wonder which tmnt is my daughters, my favorite was Raphael, I always thought he was the best.  I wonder it they would like a TMNT T-shirt of toy?  It is never too early to think of Christmas (especially in my home country).  I was fascinated with the turtles when I was growing up and my fascination has been transferred to my youngest.  She is glued to watching them.

Now that they are teenagemutantninjaturtle fans, we have more in common.  My daughters talk to each other about them and they know them by name.  The turtles battle evil and fight for us.  When I was growing up I remember the favorite food of the turtles was Pizza and that is the favorite food of my two girls.  So what better treat for them than to have pizza and follow the turtles?

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