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Eiffel Tower Earrings

When my friend stayed in Manila for her interview, she told me that she will give me an Eiffel Tower, I was so confused what kind of Eiffel Tower she is telling me about. I was so surprised when last Monday when she handed me the Eiffel Tower pair of earrings. I so love it that I always wear it every day.

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Replacing The VS Scent

I always love perfume, I used to have the VS but since I am on a tight budget right now, I looked for perfumes that I could replace the VS scent for a moment and I found one the other week in SM. It is actually my friend who discovered about the perfumes, I was not convinced at first but when I smelled it myself, I was amazed. It is also affordable, for the bottle I bought it for only a hundred and since I already have a bottle, I can just buy them by refill. The only problem is my daughter and niece is always on the go to use my perfume, although I already hide it, they always found it. So since they also like the scent of my perfume I might bought each bottle for them, so I will have my own scent and it will stay long with me.

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Best Gifts Are Those Through Creativeness

I have many friends who received my personalized gifts from last Christmas and today, one friend of mine, since we were not able to meet last Christmas, I gave her personalized Christmas gift today at the party of my other friend. I am so much glad she likes it; I also gave a personalized bag for my other friend who hosted the party today since she will leave in Texas for good.

Yes, I gave my friends personalized gifts and the one who made those accessories is my sister and it is out of beads. I know I don’t have the creative muscle but the most important is I am presenting accessories out of my sister’s creativity. I admit it is not out of my talent but it is unique and besides my sister was the one who made it, I was able to help her by making those accessories. It is not the amount that accounts though, but it is the thought and sometimes the best gifts are those that are made but this does not necessarily means you should make it on your own. You can contact someone who can make it for you as well, you are not only being resourceful but you are also helping small businesses.

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My Blue Earrings From Bohol

When my friend went to Bohol last year, she went back here with a present and that was a pair of earrings. I love it since the color was my favorite. Now, when she messaged me on FB since she is in Manila right now, she told me she has an Eiffel Tower for me, I wonder what it is? On the other hand, here’s the pair of earrings from last year.

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